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Bosley Medical Group v. Yates

Circuit Ct. Cook County Illinois 12CH10059

Breach of contract

Bosley sued doctor William D. Yates and  Ziering Medical for violation of a non-compete agreement after Yates went to work for Ziering. The case was dismissed. Chicago business article

Related case 2013-2014: Yates v. McDonald Hopkins LLC et al. #14L007500 Circuit Ct. Cook County Illinois article


Schecter v. Bosley Medical Group

NY Supreme Ct New York County 150200/09


Medical Malpractice

Patient complained of wide scarring, excessive pulling of the scalp, hair and skin loss after surgery at the Bosley office in New York City.

Dr. Alpeter cut out a donor strip measuring over 12 inches long from patients head. Later in the day he informed the patient that the donor strip was not enough and excised an additional piece of tissue.
Dr. Alpeter posited that the patient's injuries may have occurred as a result of his own poor healing response or genetic disposition to scarring.

In 2013 The Bosley Medical Group argued it had no liability because it exercises no control over Dr. Alpeter because he makes all treatment decisions independently without supervision from BMG,  despite the Plaintiffs argument that BMG referred to its doctors as "Bosley physicians" in written and video materials in which Dr. Alpeter appears and refers to the hair transplant process as the "Bosley experience".


Salmanzadeh v. Bosley Medical Group et al.

Los Angeles Super. Ct  BC445812 

Multiple inc. Fraud, Battery (see right)

Plaintiffs said patient suffered a stroke during a procedure at Bosley in San Francisco, sued for fraud and deceit, misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, negligent failure to obtain informed consent, medical negligence, loss of consortium, breach of contract, and
violation of Business and Professions Code section 17200. Gross verdict was awarded in the amount of over $2.7 million
. article


Cavazzoni v. Merck, Bosley Medical Institute

Superior Ct of New Jersey
Law Division Middlesex County

Case No. 623

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