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I’m happy you have a site that sheds light on Bosely’s mishaps. I’ve worked in the hair transplant field as a technician and have assisted over 1000 surgeries to date. A large majority of them, have been repair surgeries of ex-Bosley patients ...It would be great to have some info on your site that informs folks about their repair options, such as scar revisions or using FUE to fill in old scars or harvest side areas to get better density on top (without affecting elasticity or adding scarring). Patients should know that they don’t have to live with their poor results, especially the ones in constant pain.

My hair line started to recede somewhat about two years ago, so i decided to contact Bosley. They told me they could give me back my early twenties hair line and i believed them. I went in for the surgery and had the transplant a few months later. The incision they made in the back of my head...left an enormous scar running from one side of the back of my head to the other. The transplant i received is only about a 1/4" in front of my original hair line and is very thin and splotchy. Instead of getting a nice new hairline, what i have now is a thin line of new hair and a mass of scars running the entire length of the front of my scalp. I can not wear my hair back and i will always be forced to have bangs to cover up the scaring, which resembles horrible acne scars. I could not got to work for two weeks after the surgery due to the amount of swelling, the enormous scar that needed to stay wet all the time, and my bleeding forehead. At about week 6 after the surgery, my scalp started to break out in horrible cysts or infected ingrown hairs. Bosley is a complete and total scam.

Bosley promised me more than they delivered. I am still paying for the work they did and do not have the desired results promised me after all this time. I had to have the procedure done a second time, because the first surgery was ineffective. Subsequent surgeries are not treated the same as first time surgeries; quality and aftercare are both substandard. I was "tested" so-to-speak, and eligible for treatment for a third which I declined. This may or may not have cost you any thng.
The doctor and staff spent some time preparing my scalp for surgery, but the procedure itself was very uncomfortable. While the staff separated the follicles, the surgeon stitched up the back of my head. A tourniquet type dressing was applied to the wound site after the hair follicles were removed and placed in petri dishes, for insertion into my scalp. I was supposed to be able to return to work the next day, but my face and eyes were swelled shut and enlarged and I had two black eyes. My children begged me to stay home.
I found the technicians to be very cold and pushy. When I had complaints, the surgeons recommended the technician products after telling me that I may not be eligible for additional hair transplants. After all, everything they've done, I still don't look any different. They were also very rough when reinserting the follicles into my scalp, which I believe caused unnecessary pain and suffering.
I don't feel Bosley was honest with me regarding the benefits of the procedure, or how they told me it would unfold, even after recommending one of the higher priced post surgical products or accessories. I complained to them about the fact they tried selling me other product (Toppik hair fibers and the Bosley lasercomb) which were equally as ineffective. He even asked me to take propecia and minoxidil,
I am really being to wonder if this is a scam! Unless you can explain this to me, I will have to go public with my views. I whole thing may have started by a single episode of shingles that was dormant. Being experts, you'd think that would be something a doctor would pick up on immediately.
I would like to know if I can get my money or a portion of it back. Since, now I have to use another product that I have found that seems to satisfactorily cover my trouble spots without to much attention. I cannot give Bosley a positive review.

I’ve watched for the past two years as (XX) tried working as a medical assistant at Bosley in (XX). She consistently comes home in tears because of the way the office staff, managers, and doctors treat each other, and her. I’ve listened to her talk about her lunches being stolen and complained about managers trying to manage from other states that forward every email message they received from one employee to the remaining staff members causing strife from within. The office has gone through 13 Medical Assistants in two years!
Even more upsetting was hearing her talk about a patient that had many questions whereas the doctor skirted the questions, left the room and came back and told the customer he should schedule his procedure for another day since he still had questions. I asked if the questions were valid, and she said ‘yes’. The company sends their staff members to other states to work in their clinics if the home state clinic doesn’t have enough work to keep them busy. Each medical assistant is required to wear a jewelers type loop to see what they are doing when placing each hair. The (XX) city staff arrived in the (XX) office to help a few weeks ago and they refused to wear their magnifiers so that when the last of the placement was done by the others, they had to hunt for the incisions made by the doctor because the MA’s before them did not place in consecutive incisions. I asked her if this was difficult and she stated “Of course, it was near impossible to find and the placement will be uneven now”. I was horrified to think that this company can get away with this while charging such outrageous fees.

Bosley has ruined my life

I was slightly thinning in the bangs area up front and as a professional who needs to look good I thought this would greatly enhance my appearance and make my hair easier to style. Bosley said I had excellent donor hair. After the painful and exhausting procedure I left bloodied and feeling like a mess but the hopes of the new growth kept me spirited. A few days after removing the bandage and looking at was MUCH scalp I panicked and called saying I now looked like I had MUCH less hair than I started with. They assured me it was the blood and matting causing this appearance. After 3 months of crying and calling they said my loss was temporary "shock" that would grow back with the transplants and be wonderful. One year later I am bald to a point I need a wig and after examining me they said it was disappointing but sometimes (women's) grow back slower. So now I am waiting 1 1/2 years (going back in March) It is a crock I know the hair i HAD has been murdered and the transplant is no where to be found. It is affecting my self esteem my wanting to go out and my income. I want to sue... but what price do you put on your appearance and ability to shy away from business meetings?? Who can I call?

I found your website and wanted to give you a copy of the letter I recently sent to Dr Bosley. They responded with a prescription medication for nerve damage that hasn't helped at all, and they can offer no other help.
Dr Bosley,
I had a procedure in your XX office... I have talked to and seen the XX office several times since then. I wanted you to be aware of the situation. Since the day of my procedure after the anesthesia wore off, there has been an extreme sensation of tightness and pulling of my scalp originating from the donor area, affecting my whole head and scalp. The problem hasn't let up or gotten better over time, as your employees told me it would. Its been the same since the procedure, and I'm not sure who to turn to or what to do. A doctor in the XX office advised me that there are some nerves cut in the donor area. I don't know what happened or what the hell they did to my head... There is a definite feeling of physical trauma and injury to my head/scalp. If you can picture your own head and scalp and picture that your scalp is very loose and malleable. Picture taking your hand and grabbing a handful of your scalp on the back of your head, pulling the scalp extremely tight and creating extreme tension in the rest of your head and scalp. Imagine how your face and scalp would feel. Then imagine having that feeling every minute of your life for 8 years. That's a decent description of what I feel. I feel trapped inside my head and scalp, for lack of better words. This is a very, very, debilitating feeling. There is constant tightness and pulling, my head can never relax. So this causes constant stress and my nerves are about shot. My balance and equilibrium is way off, and I have zero sense of well being anymore.  I basically am unable to physically live in this state of being much longer. Its sapped my spirit. I've gotten thru the last 8 yrs on shear will and hope that this will be gone when I wake up some morning. I'm seeking any help you can offer. Thank you.

I am one of those men who fell for Bosleys sales pitch... It was exactly as your web page described. I still have all my receipts and the large drawing that a "medical sales person" by the name of Mark in Seattle used to describe how I would look after the fourth session. The lies continued. I thought if you needed a witness from that time or even if you just needed a witness to help defend the lawsuit against you I would be overjoyed to present myself to Mr. Bosley. I know there is a statute of limitations but if there is any way to join a lawsuit or if there is any legal way to pursue Bosley I would greatly appreciate the help. I just don't think its right that Dr. Bosley can intentionally disfigure someone for profit and than have no recourse about it. While Dr. Bosley lives in pure wealth completely untouchable. Thanks

What can I do?

 I am an ex-patient of the Bosley Medical Institute. I've payed $3,500 for my transplant procedure and I am now (2yrs later) very unhappy with the results. I read all of the legal violations about the Institute and found that quite a few of the violations took place in my treatment services. Is there anything I can do?

Subject: Botched transplant and scalp reduction

In the early 90's, I spent approx. $35,000 at the BMG in Los Angeles trying effect the look of a healthy head of hair--it didn't work. The scars and the unnatural look of the transplants make me regret that I spent all that money at Bosley's shop of horrors and not at not a therapist who perhaps could have helped just get on with life. I am pissed off and embarrased. What can I do?   Best regards

Thank you. Three years ago I went to Bosley for free consultation. I walked away feeling that they gave me a good analysis, but felt also like the guy I talked to was "salesy". When I asked him if it only took one procedure, he said it could certainly end like that, but that getting the new hair was like a legalized drug, and I would probably want to do more as time went on. Anyway, my hair loss wan't so bad, so I put it off. I have been seriously thinking about going for the procedure in the next few months since I've lost a bit more hair over the last two years, and I just happened to catch the infomercial again... Needless to say you've given me quite an eye opener and everything you had to say seems very consistent with this uneasy feeling I came away with after my first visit... If I ever have someone in the future mention it, I will refer them to your site also. Thank you for this public service.

Hello, Much to my shock, I came across your web site. I have had two procedures and I feel that I have been mislead like you've described in this article. I experienced incredible amounts of pain during and after the surgery. I was also hooked because I was very scared about doing this, but now that I got it done once I have to keep having follow up procedures done because of continued hair loss.

False Advertising

I was a victim of the Bosley Medical Group, but never did anything about it because I was to embarrassed. I am now getting the courage to find an attorney but I don't know where to look. Do you recommend anyone. I Live in Los Angeles. Please respond even if you cant help me. sincerely, xx

Re: so happy I found this website

I do not know if the medical board could respond to this. Basically, I was promised 95% of the hairs would grow in, the counsler took a misleading photo, when actually only 5% of the hairs grew in the doctor told me it appeared that all of the hairs had grown in because he compared the before and after photo. I know a horrible scam was pulled on me, but I can't prove it. I know I told him a misleading picture was taken and my husband was in the room to hear me tell him that, but there is no way to prove it. Also, as I stated in the original e-mail they worded it to look like I was planning to have more than one hair transplant right after each other when we verbally spoke of me having one years down the road. I am willing to make a complaint, but these people are good at the scam they pull. Also I wouldn't just blame the counsler/salesperson. The doctor was pretty slick in insisting that it had worked. My hairdressers all said they saw almost no hairs growing in, yet this doctor keeps telling me there are lots of hairs growing in everywhere. He said this surgery turned out better than expected. They are all working together. Again, I was really scammed by the best scam artists around. They wouldn't be still in business and making millions if they wern't so good at their scam. As I said earlier, I will give them one week to answer, then I will follow whatever I need to do to try and stop them scamming another. I will let you know-xxxxx

(pt.2)  They aren't saying it didn't grow in as vigorously as it should of. They are saying, not only did it grow in, but it grew in even better than expected! They are saying they had fantastic results with me, but I misunderstood and expected more. They are saying that I got the wrong impression. Do you remember the Emporor's New Clothes where they were telling him his new clothes looked beautiful and he said he couldn't see them. They convinced him he was not only wearing clothes, but the most beautiful clothes in the kingdom, yet he was walking around naked. This is what happened with Bosley and me. I KNOW that only 20 hairs grew in out of 500. They are telling me every hair grew in. He said he sees them growing in all over, then got a mirror and said "can't you see them?". When I said "no" he acted like I was being rediculous to tried and convince me they were everywhere. THE EMPERORS NEW HAIR Thanks

My experience at Bosley

I had a procedure done at the end of January of 2000.  I had what would be considered the early stages of male pattern baldness (some receding of the hairline and some thinning).  I agreed to a procedure of approx. 600 grafts, and supposedly, received about 660 grafts.  Besides the fact that the procedure wasn't pleasant, the results were horrible.  It seems as if almost none of the grafts became hair.  At BOSLEY they would say that you should see some results in 3-6mos., and see the finished product within 9-12mos.  I am fairly certain that no more 100 grafts could have possibly taken (probably more likely in the 15-75 range).  What's worse is that I feel as if I've lost more hair do to the procedure.  As I'm sure you're aware, your head is constantly treated with a saline solution and other various chemicals during the procedure.  Immediately after the procedure your head is bandaged and wrapped up tightly, and for several days it remains this way.  A few days after the procedure, the biggest joke to my younger brother, other than the hideous swelling in the forehead area, was the fact that it looked as though I had less hair than I started with.  I can't blame the staff for having the procedure done, it was totally my decision.  However, it certainly seemed as though they tried to drill into your head (no pun intended), that follow up procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired or optimum results.  Again, I am a young man with most of my hair, so I can imagine how they string someone along with much less hair.  BOSLEY has tried to get me back for a one year follow up visit(and I'm sure more procedures).  I had originally scheduled an appointment to give myself an opportunity to voice my displeasure, but cancelled and decided it wouldn't be worth the effort to get into a disagreement about the results, of which I was most certainly sure of.  Unfortunately,  I didn't do enough research into BOSLEY and his(its) terrible record.  I would be willing to formalize a complaint, but knowing the difficulty in bringing any medical malpractice to the fore, I am yet to do so.  Since my only long-term problem was the fact that the procedure didn't work,  I felt as though the complexities involved in proving that point would be too great.  If you or anyone else needs any additional information I would be more than happy to help.  I would hate to see more people being scammed and more importantly scarred or botched up entirely.  It seems as though the real problem is that the review process and, penalties involved if wrong-doing is found, by the medical boards and state medical licensing agencies are completely sub-standard.  I'm sure most rational people would assume that Dr. Bosley would no longer have any medical license, or the ability to obtain one in the future, just by reading the info in your website.  Again, anything I can do to help someone else, or negatively impact BOSLEY, just let me know.

-----Original Message----- From: XX   Subject: Out of state discipline

I would like to know if any action is being taken against Larry Bosley in Indiana based on action taken in California ,Minnesota,New York,and several other states.I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office [file no.01-c-706] I also filed a complaint before [file no.96e025] I have a letter dated june 16,1998,from Beth Compton ,which states that Indiana would take action based on out of state discipline.I have made trips to the attorney generals office to have the interviewer not be there...]I was told I had to file another complaint. I have had analyst quit and then nobody knows what is going on.You really need to overhaul the whole system. I would like to be contacted. I can be reached at (number deleted). 

Reply:  Dear Mr. XX, Larry Bosley, MD was placed on Indefinite Probation on January 18, 2001. The terms of the Indiana Board to be governed by the terms and conditions of the California Order. If you would like copies of this order, please request this in writing and we will be happy to provide a copy to you. Angela Smith Jones, J.D. Director Medical Licensing Board 402 W. Washington St., Rm. W041 Indianapolis, IN 46204 ph: (317) 233-4404 fax: (317) 233-4236 email: 

My Case

Hello, Im 37 years old and I live in Bogota, Colombia. Some years ago I consulted Bosley Medical Group in Atlanta, doctors who assured my a great solution for my hair loss. I got convinced by them and flew from Bogota to Atlanta. When I got there I visited the office early next day. I was explained on the procedure, and they promise me that they will shown me not only real pictures of clients, but a person who had transplant. The true was, that they only show me few pictures, and they did not show me a person( who is doctor, according to them), that had the procedure. They talked me to do scalp reduction and 3 session for grafts, and still they did not show me the results in other people. Wisely, I didn´t got encouraged because I didn´t see the person, and how he looked like. Anyway, I lost over Usd $2,500 on airplane tickets and accomodations, because these people LIE to me and possibly to more people. I will testify if needed, these people are taking advantage and our hardly worked money. Sincerely, xx

Bosley Former Patient

I am a licensed physician who used to practice in Ca. and did 2 years of a surgical residency before changing specialties. I had multiple procedures done (and spent over $30,000) at Bosley in Beverly Hills, Ca.. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would never had any procedures done. My results were not as remotely as good as the results that were depicted in the brochures and I have massive scarring in my donor area. The brochures depicted pictures (close-ups) of impeccable hairlines...certainly not the results that I achieved. I had MP reduction (4 times) procedures done that barely filled in at all; the transplanted grafts simply would not take!!! I am left with an abnormal appearing longitudinal scar that I cover with Couvre and Toppix concealers. My "surgeon" never informed me of the significant failure rate!!! In 1997 before leaving Ca., I sent a leter to Dr. Bosley. He called me back in person and I subsequently met with him and my surgeon. He told me that he could significantly ameliorate the frontal hairline and repair the scar left by the MPRs. This was to be done by performing two Z-plasties (scar rearrangements) and subsequent graft placements. I had the (2) Zplasties performed which resulted in some improvement. When I flew out to Ca. in Jan. 1999 for my graft placement, the surgeons told me that they could safely transplant only 200-300 grafts that would not result in any significant improvement. They also stated that the crown area (MPR scar) was "too beat up" to receive grafts.

In my opinion, this assessment was the only honest and realistic assessment I ever received from Bosley. In my opinion, the only reason that I met with Dr. Bosley was to thwart any potential litigation (there is a one year statute in California. I feel that their advertising is extremely misleading at the very least. In my case they were dishonest and and abrogated their moral and ethical responsibilities to inform me of significant risks. Only irrational people would undergo MPR procedures if they were aware of the significant failure rate. In his ads Dr. Bosley uses petty demagoguery to dissuade men from trying other solutions. Believe there is nothing worse than a bad hair transplant. I would urge you to try to seek other solutions to your hair loss and hope that a truely effective, non-surgical solution becomes a reality. For those of you who doubt the voracity of this post, I am a licensed physician in the state of N.H. I am writing this post only in an effort to help others avoid making mistakes. Sincerely,

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

At first glance (and from what they lead you to believe) it would seem that the whole process is just moving hair from one place to another. THIS COULD NOT BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. They are removing entire sections of your scalp. The hairs are just a small part. Where is the common sense in that. I think for most people it is more important to keep your scalp than have more hair. It's a shame when a business operates without complete honesty, but when it happens in the medical field... Bosley takes advantage of the trust we naturally have in doctors to act in our best behalf but they will let you walk head-long into destructive procedures when there is no guarantee there will even be an improvement in your appearance (you will likely find this out after the fact if you have a complaint). To them surgery is just routine but to you its a lifelong decision.

Don't believe the hype. Bosley holds themselves out to be the hair experts, but most of their credibility is bought and if you do a little research you will know more. The best doctors and surgeons operate by referral and don't need to advertise. Their counselor system is a joke, you can go in for a serious medical consultation and get someone trying to give you medical advice who used to sell cars. They (the counselors) know just enough to make them dangerous. The doctor contradicted most of what the counselor said so I was obviously very confused. During my consultation a doctor did make a brief appearance but only stayed to answer a few questions and then whooshed out of the room (like his pants were on fire).

I found out first hand that the hair tranplanted by Bosley hair may not be permanent and can die. Over the years I only have left about 20-30% of the hairs that were originally transplanted by Bosley. The transplanting process makes them thinner and weaker when moved from their original place.

Please assist me!  I had a series of Bolsey Implany procedures 11 years ago. Hair eventually fell out Is it possible to recover monies from class action suits regarding this? Thanks!

Hi, I hope you can help me.  I am trying to get any information I can so I can file a complaint with the Attorney General Office for unfair and decepetive trade practices against.  I bought their program and treatments with little success.  I was conned and taken for a ride.  Can you give me some info and/or direction to get info against them?  Advice? Thank you.

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