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Propecia Victims Furious Bosley Knew of Drug's Dangers

Article about Bosley patients complaining of health issues after being prescribed the drug finasteride (Propecia) (


Bad Hair Day for Bosley

Court judge ruled that Ziering Medical P.C. did not improperly recruit a local physician from larger rival Bosley Medical (


Hair Transplant Goes Wrong, Results in $2.7 million Verdict

Plaintiffs said the patient had a stroke during a Bosley procedure that went ignored, and the wife's call for help to the Bosley office resulted in a comment that his failure to come out of anesthesia was a result of pain medications and "not to worry."  (


Wikipedia: Follicular unit extraction

Information about the follicular unit extraction method and how it varies from other procedures (


Health Effects of Propecia

The FDA released a safety announcement warning that Propecia may increase the risk for a serious form of prostate cancer. Known as high-grade prostate cancer, this is the most deadly kind (


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