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Bosley and Propecia

-From Bosley Press Release About Propecia

Why does Bosley Medical market a drug they declared to be extremely dangerous and ineffectual for regrowing hair? Aside from providing them with a continual income stream the answer can be found in a statement from their website:

"BECOME A BOSLEY PATIENT For many, taking Propecia is the first step in managing hair loss. And while Propecia is proven effective for slowing further hair loss, the only proven, permanent and natural way to REGAIN your hair is through a hair restoration procedure.

Similar to a bait and switch technique, Bosley can use it as a way to get people into their sales offices where they can promote more costly surgical options.  

FAQs from their website:

 "How do I obtain a prescription?

Take the next step and schedule a no obligation consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor in one of over 90 locations. Bosley physicians are located in all of our twelve Regional Surgical Offices where you can receive a treatment plan for your hair loss if you are accepted as a candidate for hair restoration and receive a prescription for Propecia. 

If all you want to do is learn about the possible benefits and side effects of Propecia you may be out of luck:

"Im not interested in hair restoration, but would like to start using Propecia. How can I get a prescription?

 Because Propecia requires a prescription, you would need to meet with a Bosley Senior Counselor and a Bosley doctor. During your consultation, you will learn about all of your hair restoration options, and the doctor will determine if Propecia is an option."



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