Former Bosley M.D. sues  - continued

The M.D., who was employed at the Bosley Medical Institute's headquarters in Beverly Hills for 9 years and was in charge of training new doctors, said that BMI continued to violate laws despite the medical board's probationary terms and stipulations put in place after the People v. Bosley consumer protection lawsuit. 

Among the alleged violations: scheduling large numbers of patients or prospective patients for surgery without the patients first having consulted with a physician; holding out that sales representatives, denominated senior counselors, possessed medical skills and training, including requiring the senior counselors to wear white coats similar to those worn as a matter of custom and practice by medical doctors; instituting and condoning deceptive and untrue sales techniques including but not limited to deceptive telephone practices by Bosley's sales staff; and aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.

In addition to describing numerous violations in a signed declaration, the M.D. submitted evidence that Bosley had been using his DEA number to order controlled substances for years without his knowledge (a felony) and continued doing so even after he warned them to cease this practice.

The M.D. attested that statements from Bosley Medical Institute advertisements, infomercials and its website regarding Bosley's extensive training of its physicians were false and misleading.

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