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Failure to Warn Patients About Propecia  An article from Propecia Victims Furious Bosley Knew of Drug's Dangers went in depth about Bosley patients who say their lives were ruined from bad advice and drugs prescribed by Bosley doctors. "Looking back, it's clear that by placing my trust in Bosley Medical, I made the biggest mistake of my life"- former Bosley patient. It also described Bosley's "Laundry List of Infractions". See: Bosley Sells Propecia After Bashing Its Side Effects

Plug Pulled on Aderans Research Institute   Hope turned to disillusionment (and anger for some) who believed the promises made by Ken Washenik, Bosley's Medical Director, about new technologies ARI and Bosley were bringing to market. Aderans suddenly liquidated the assets of its hair multiplication division without explanation (although during Phase 2 trials it was realized that the process couldn't create new hairs but instead might only help prevent follicles from future loss).

For more than a decade Washenik accepted accolades and generated media coverage and chat room buzz while leading on industry insiders and consumers with claims that their panacea for hair loss was just around the corner.

Surgical Drawbacks   Bosley affiliate Aderans Research Institute outlined what a bad option surgery on its website stating that with Bosley's type of surgery "there often isn't enough hair on the back of the head to make up for the loss on top, leaving the client with a make-do patchwork of thinly implanted follicles". Since then Bosley's parent company Aderans of Japan has stopped funding ARI and their website has been taken down.  Aderans to no Longer Fund its Hair Multiplication Research Division

Who Owns Bosley?, cont.  Aderans' financial reports reveal that they are more concerned with generating sales and maximizing revenue than objectively serving patients. Measures to boost sales and increase customer spending include: introducing alternate hair care solutions to attract clients into their offices (where they can pitch them on surgery), reviewing the incentive program -employee compensation based on the number of surgical procedures sold, and improving the contract (sales closing) ratio.  

Spamming Your Inbox  Consumers should be wary before ordering the Bosley information kit (essentially an extended version of their infomercial) because they will be treated as a sales lead. The information that consumers provide will set them up for an endless amount of spam email, solicitations, and telephone calls from Bosley salespeople.

Internet Censorship   When webmasters of a site containing negative reviews rebuffed Bosley's repeated attempts to buy it Bosley's legal department hired third parties who visited the webmasters at home without warning on several occasions- expressing annoyance with the site (including threats of litigation) and delivering a mocked up version with changes they wanted.

This fits its modus operandi of trying to remove or drown derogatory information which has included flooding search engine paid results, launching numerous mirror sites, purchasing negative domain names (like and intimidating or suing patients who have spoken out.

Sales Tumble  Bosley's sales for the first two quarters of fiscal 2017 were down 10% while operating income "plummeted" 95% (see right).

The previous year's report confirmed that they spend an inordinate amount of money and effort trying to get people to sign up:

In the Bosley Business, the call center system, which went into operation in June 2015, was not reliable and call-related problems persisted until December 2015, which led to a drop in the number of inquiries prompted by a TV commercial and a decline in the number of surgical procedures. Operating income tumbled 69.4% owing to higher advertising and promotional activities and rising personnel costs.

Bosley has revealed that it spends up to 30% of its revenue on sales and marketing.

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